Selema Writes is an MC of a caliber that harkens back to a time when rappers were poets, when they were griots and when they were the voice of the streets and the people. His music is rich with storytelling and emotion and tends to shun pop music formats that encourage repetition, uniformity and thematic monotony.As an artist, he believes we need to embrace our unique voices and also push the boundaries of creativity through collaboration and experimentation. He is rooted in African pride and is moulded by the rugged inner-city streets of Johannesburg, South Africa. The name Selema Writes doesn’t just reflect what he stands for it also represents his artistic and spiritual journey.

Being born as a political exile in Lusaka, Zambia and also staying in Paris, France during his teen years give him a view of the world that is quite special. On one hand it’s a view that understands what it’s like to be unfairly vilified and persecuted. On the other hand, it’s the view of an African child who has had a glimpse into the world. All of these life journeys are ever-present in his music, so listeners often feel like their sitting down with an old friend listening as he relays life memories and anecdotes as opposed to sitting down listening to somebody rap. Writes often takes to stage with his band comprising of DJ Tha Cutt, bass player Bonibass and keys player Tyce with occasional vocal features from Siziwe Ngema and Roger Soulstar. In addition to the depth and substance of his music, it can easily be said that he is one of the most captivating performers we’ve seen hit the stage in a while. He has achieved quite a lot during his career of which includes:

  • End of the Weak World Freestyle Champion 2014
  • Etv Shizniz Mixtape King 2014
  • Performing in Kampala, Uganda 2014
  • Performing in Montréal, Canada 2015
  • Featured on Hugh Masekela’s, No Borders album as alias “Dice Makgothi” (2016)
  • Back To The City Hip-Hop Festival (4 years in a row: 2015 – 2018)