Semopa Entertainment

SEMOPA Entertainment is an independently owned, South Africa based event production and artist management agency. SEMOPA Entertainment has a multi-layered, globally-minded, locally-based vision.

Manned by a close knit team, the SEMOPA Entertainment core has to their collective credit over 70 years of show business experience, in various areas including live music event production, television commercial production, international music touring, international and local television broadcast, film, musical theatre, music retail and record company promotions.

With our extensive production and management experience SEMOPA Entertainment can, and will, take our clientele from concept to implementation of promotions, exhibitions, conferences, and music events, aided and abetted by our many and varied industry relationships with artists, promoters, venues, technical and production personnel.

Our Vision

  • Applying our extensive knowledge, expertise and networks to create a premium one-stop shop for music and lifestyle events in South Africa, on the continent of Africa and the globe.
  • Drive excellence across all our partnerships and long-standing relationships with promoters and other industry service providers
  • Inspirational and innovative events that represent the interests of our clients and capture the attention of our audience
  • Be bold, brave and creative, and use our extensive creative and administrative skills to bring that unique selling point of interest and entice our audience
  • Pursue and promote business development and partnerships locally and globally
  • Be a proudly African-owned business with global networks and experience in event and artist management with a holistic management approach